New SQL Server Wiki Launching Today

Today is the unofficial launch of the new Wiki.  The official launch for the wiki is during PASS, so you have to go to the /wiki folder manually.  The site is run by Quest Software, and the Wiki contains all the information which used to be contained in the KnowledgeXpert product which they used to sell.  They are know giving it away for free to the entire SQL Server community.

I could go on all day about it, but forunitely I don’t have to because Brent Ozar already has in his post “The answer to SQL Server training problems”.  I highly recommend reading Brent’s post about the site.  It gives some great background and tells all about the site.

I assume you are asking yourself why I’m going on about this site?  That’s because I’m the editor of the Performance and Tuning section of the  Wiki.

I hope everyone will check the site and post all the information that you can about SQL Server so that we can make it the biggest, best resource of SQL Server knowledge on the net.

If you are going to be at PASS be sure to swing by the Quest Software booth.  I’m told that there will be some SQL Server Pedia swag (in addition to the regular swag).  I’ll be hanging out there on and off as well, so fell free to swing by and say hi.



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