I’ve finally found myself an offline editor that I like

I’ve finally found an offline blog post editor which I like. With all the traveling that I’ve been doing recently its very handy to be able to edit them offline so that I don’t have to pay for internet access at airports. It also lets me blog while on an airplane without having them write them in Word or notepad and uploading them later.

The trick was that we the ITKE uses an older version of the WordPress Engine (currently 1.2.1) and most of the editors didn’t support these older versions.

Apparently the fine people who wrote BlogDesk were nice enough to add in a option for older WordPress blogs as well as the newer ones. I did have to set one of the settings manually, but it let me do this easily. This setting was the Blog-ID setting. When I clicked the button to query for the value it gave me an error, but when I entered in my username it took the value and moved on.

Thanks to Neville Hobson for blogging about this great software. His post was the one that pointed me to it.



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  1. I don’t usually point out typos, but it’s a bit conspicuous in the title of the article.
    Finally vs Finely
    [A href=”http://dbwhisperer.blogspot.com”]Michael Swart[/A]

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