Slide Decks and Sample Code for SoCal Code Camp at USC

Here are the slide decks and sample code from my sessions at this weekends SoCal code camp.

Back To Basics; Getting Back To The Basics of SQL Server
Scaling that database bigger than ever
Storage for the DBA

While the first two are both two part sessions, there is only one download for both halves as they run together.



4 Responses

  1. Hey thanks Mr. Denny your sessions were the best! I came to work the next day with eye of the tiger! Good work Mr. Denny hope to see you on the next code camp.

  2. Hyrda,
    I’m glad that you enjoyed the sessions. I hope to see you at the next code camp in Fullerton in January.


  3. Nice sessions! I missed your sessions on the second day because of schedule conflict. I am looking forward to the next code camp. By the way, just a suggestion, next time can you do some performance tuning stuff, execution plans, DTA, etc?

  4. Marlon,
    I’m sure I can put something together. I was thinking about a session on reading Execution plans, and a session on indexing.

    If there are other suggestions for topics that people would be interested in just let me know. If I can get a presentation together I will. I’m willing to talk about anything I can make a solid presentation on as long as the people attending the session get the most out of it that they can.


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