Orange County SQL Server User Group has started up

Orange County now has its own SQL Server User Group.  It is being run as a part of the Orange County .NET Users Group.  The first speaker was my friend Lynn Langit last month on August 14th.  I’ve been asked to be the next speaker on October 16th.  The meeting starts at 6pm and runs until 9pm.  The meeting is being held at New Horizons in Anaheim at 1900 S. State College Blvd near the corner of Katella Ave.

I’ll be talking about Clustering SQL Server.  It is going to be similar to the session about Clustering SQL Server which I’ve given at the prior SoCal Code Camps. If you would like a preview of the slide deck it is available for download.  If I change the slide deck any I’ll update the version available for download.

If you are not able to make it to the session feel free to post your questions below and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can.



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  1. Denny,
    I have never been a user group before. I was browsing the web and stumbled on this page. I have completed SQL programs and had a job for a few months. What do you recommend to get my foot in the door and advance in this field. Every company I have applied to wants 5+ years of experience. Hard to do when you can not get a year under your belt. Anything you recommend will be help.

    Thank you

  2. Companies want the 5+ years experience, but it isn’t required usually. Especially if you have education in the field.

    Often you can get into these positions by transferring in via another job in the company, or you can find a company that is a little more flexible and work there for a few years to get this experience.

    Another option would be to work in another field and work with SQL Server as part of the job. For example, many smaller companies will have their systems administrator also do SQL Server work, so you can learn about SQL Server there.

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