SQL 2008 RC0 Intellisense doesn’t work against SQL 2005

I’ve been working with SQL 2008 RC0 for a couple of weeks now, and something I’ve noticed that really sucks.  The Intellisense doesn’t work against a SQL 2005 server any more.  I’ve been using the SQL 2008 UI exclusively for several months now (since the November CTP at least) and I’ve gotten quite used to the intellisense.

While jumping around the net looking to see who else was talking about this (and several people are) I found this Connect bug about it.  The notes from Eric @ Microsoft are that if the vote count shows that enough people want this fixed they’ll see what they can do.   The comments in the Connect bug indicate that pretty much everyone wants it back, even if it’s not perfect.

The only other person I really see complaining about the lack of downlevel support is Aaron Bertrand.

Be sure to vote on the connect bug and leave a comment here or there so that the developers get the idea that we want it back.



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  1. Disable the intellisense and reenable it. That is how I got mine to work. But still vote on Connect Bug.

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