Any other DBAs brave enough to go to EMC World?

Next week I’ll be stepping into the lion’s den of sorts.  I’ll be off to Las Vegas to attend EMC World.  I went last year, and I’m pretty sure that I was about the only full time DBA there.  The storage folks treated me pretty nice, even after they found out that I was a DBA.

Hopefully when I get back I’ll have all sorts of new storage tips and tricks to share with everyone.

If anyone else if brave enough to attend let me know here.  Maybe we can meet up at one of the events.



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  1. Hi. I don’t really know if you’ve made a post on this or not. But I’m having some trouble with transforming a Flat file (.csv) to an OLE DB destination. I’ve tried using the Copy Column transformation but it gives me an error. Do you know how to fix this?

    Also, do you know of any websites that have tutorials for beginners for SQL Server 2005? Thank you for your help.

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