Back To Basics: How do I use sp_change_users_login?

The sp_change_users_login procedure has a specific purpose.  It’s used to identify and correct users within a database which do not have a corresponding logins.

You can specify the value of Report for the @Action input parameter to see any users which do not have a corresponding login.  This only needs to be done when you are restoring a database from one server to another, and the logins on each server were created with seperate SIDs.  An example of when this would happen is when you are restoring a database from Production to QA.

After identifying the users which are not synced to a login, use the update_one value for the @Action parameter and with the username of the user as the value for the @UserNamePattern input parameter, and the login name as the value of the @LoginName input parameter.  If the login doesn’t exist you can pass the password to the procedure for the @Password input parameter and the login will be created for you and mapped to the user.



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