I had a great time speaking at the San Diego SQL User Group

I’d like to thank the San Diego SQL Server User Group for having me come and speak to them tonight.  I had a great time presenting both my SQL Server Query Tuning and SQL Server Service Broker presentations.  You can grab the slide deck and sample code from those two links.

 I was happy to fill in on short notice for them when there scheduled speak cancelled on them.  Hopefully the members liked the presentations as much as I liked giving them.  Hopefully the San Diego SQL Server User Group will invite me back in the future.



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  1. I hadn’t seen this specific post before, and the poster does have some interesting techniques that do appear to need to be looked into more. I would be careful however because keeping the dialog open keeps message information about each message in the system so that the service broker can ensure that the same message isn’t send on the same dialog a second time. I could see this having a performance problem and potentially a storage problem depending on how much data is kept around in the database for a received message on an open conversation.

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