Slide Decks and Sample Code from SoCal Code Camp

The SoCal Code Camp was this last weekend.  I had a great time attending and speaking at the code camp this time around.   I hope that everyone who attended my sessions had as much fun attending the sessions as I did speaking at them.  I did my best to make them as much fun and interactive as I could.

As promised here are the slide decks and sample T/SQL code from the four sessions.  Everything is within a single ZIP file.  I’ve included two copies of each slide deck.  One in the Office 2007 format, and one in the Office 97-2003 format.  They are identical to each other, but I wanted to include both so that people with the older version of Microsoft Office can see the deck without having to download and install the patch which allows Office 2003 to view Office 2007 files.

The sample scripts which I’ve included are all run against the AdventureWorks database or the AdventureWorksDW database (check the USE commands at the top of the scripts).  If they need a different database they will create the new database.

Session 1 – SQL Server Query Tuning (SQL 2000+)

Session 2 – SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor (SQL 2008 CTP5+ only)

Session 3 – SQL Server Service Broker in the Real World (SQL 2005+) (I’ve fixed the problem with the single server script that we were having at the Code Camp.  Turns out I had left the route in place which is why the message never showed up.  The first script didn’t run correctly because I had run the server to server script on my virtual machine and the route was left by accident.)

Session 4 – SQL Server 2008 What’s on the Horizon (SQL 2008 CTP5+)

If you have any questions about these slide decks or sample code feel free to post a comment here, or drop me an email.



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  1. Hello MrDenny this comment is off-topic but I hope that you like XBox because from the way things are going it looks like you are going to win this contest!!!!

    Thanks for your help I find your comments very insightful.


  2. Thank Denny for your thoughts on my question concerning attaching email folders to a group name. Let me explain first, I should had worded the question better. What I’m trying to accomplish first,
    1. Take in job leads that are found by using search agent, move the leads
    the right inbox jobs folders by using inbox rules.

    2. Why zipping will not work, the peoples these leads are being sent to
    are not computer literacy. It’s a major effort just to get them to go
    out the Internet and reading their emails not along in using the Internet
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    3. Then what I do is attached an item,( the inbox job folders).
    I using Outlook 2007 mail service to send all emails using the group list
    name(which contain email address of those persons looking for this
    category of jobs.

    4. What I really would like to do, is to developed a script or something that
    would accomplish this in one process. I’m more then willing to learn,
    what I need is someone who show me how to take the right steps.
    I have a background in software development.

    Thank Denny,

  3. Hello Denny,

    It’s Marlon Ribunal from the Code Camp. Do you have discussion about SQL tuning? Please point me to the right direction (blogs, screencast, etc). I came in late on Sunday morning when you discussed the SQL Tuning. I have already downloaded the session files.

    By the way, thank you for dropping by and commenting on my blog entry at


  4. Marlon,
    At some point in the future I’ll be putting out a webcast of the sessions from Code Camp. I’m not sure when that will happen however. I will post on the blog when it does.


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