Windows 2008, where oh where has all my drive space gone?

If you are using Windows 2008, you may be like me.  Wondering where the hell all this drive space is disapearing to.

On a lot of my machines the Windows Error Reporting feature of Windows is taking a major amount of space.  You can check this by looking in c:usersAll UsersMicrosoftWindowsWER.  The ReportQueue folder is where the data that hasn’t gone to Microsoft yet is sitting, while the Archive is where the stuff that has already been sent sits.  On some servers these folders are eating up over 20 Gigs of space.

I haven’t found a problem with deleting the data from these folders, except that the data doesn’t get uploaded to Microsoft.  But with a decision between there getting bug data and me running out of space, I get my issue fixed first (sorry guys).

If you enable the viewing of hidden and system files and Windows protected files you’ll probably also see hiberfil.sys sitting in the root of the C drive.  This file is there because Windows 2008 has hibernation enabled by default, and there’s no way in the UI to change the setting.  However you can disable it from an Administrative Command Prompt by running “powercfg.exe /hibernate off”.  After you run the command hibernation is disabled and the file is deleted.

If you want to globally disable hibernation this can be done through a GPO setting under Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Administrative Templates > System > Power Management > Sleep Settings.  You will want to enable the “Turn Off Hybrid Sleep (On Battery)” and “Turn Off Hybrid Sleep (Plugged In)” settings.  By turning on the settings you will turn off hibernation (standard double negative here).



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