TweetDeck 1.0 has been released.

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Yep, Twitter (who now owns TweetDeck) have released v1 of TweetDeck.  My first impression is “Don’t do it, it’s a trap”.  At first I was all happy when I downloaded v1 because it wasn’t an Abobe Air application.  Just a good old MSI installer which installed an HTML5 application.  The downside is that they totally screwed up the app.  Here are a list of the things which I don’t like (this list may grow over time):

  1. To change the notification settings for each column, I have to click a different settings button for each column.
  2. The Send tweet doesn’t show at the bottom (or top) like it did before.  It pops up in the middle of the app, can’t be moved, and grey’s out the app.
  3. Hitting Enter in the send tweet screen doesn’t send the tweet.
  4. Going along with the prior two I now have to use my mouse to send a tweet (twice) where before I could just ALT+Tab to TweetDeck send a tweet and Alt+Tab back.
  5. It defaults to using Twitter for URL shortening and image uploads.  It has the old settings in there, when I changed it to it still had my username and key in there.
  6. It didn’t retain all my column information.
  7. The Add column process is not intuitive.  First you select the column then the account which that column applies to.  Totally backwards.
  8. The Direct Message column is now the Inbox and shows in Conversation view so I have to click on the conversation to see the entire DM that just came in.  (See pic.)
  9. There’s no language conversation feature.
  10. There’s no indicator that I have or haven’t read a tweet.
  11. There’s no support for LinkedIn, Buzz, FourSquare or MySpace.  Only FaceBook and Twitter are supported.
  12. The colors and font aren’t changeable.
  13. The escape key doesn’t close the settings dialog window.
  14. I’ve got not notification popups enabled, but they don’t appear to actually do anything.
  15. Closing the column settings window requires clicking exactly on the settings button above. Clicking on the column opens that specific tweet, which is pretty much never what I want.
  16. Proxies which require authentication appear to not be supported. Either when the workstation is on the domain or is a standalone machine.

So far the new TweetDeck v1 does one thing and only one thing better than the prior versions.  It leave the prior version installed so that you can still use the older v0.38.1 build that we all have been using for months.  Which I am switching back to … right about now.

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