This isn’t your grand-mothers bingo game (#sqlbingo)

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This year at the PASS Summit there will be a daily bingo game.  This isn’t the standard sit in a room while someone calls out numbers.  No you have to find the people who’s names and faces (for the most part) are on the bingo cards.

Now, you’ll want to pay attention here.  You need to print the cards up before you leave for Seattle (be sure to refresh between printing so that you have three different cards as there are more people than spots on the cards).  There will be some cards available at the Quest / SQLServerPedia booth, but not enough for everyone.  Code Gumbo has the rules laid on in a post so be sure to check them out.

In a nutshell the rules are print and bring three bingo cards with one.  One for each day.

Find people around the summit who’s handles and faces are on your bingo cards.  Each person will have a keyword to tell you.  Write the word on there square.  When you have the correct set marked off (Tuesday is a single line, Wednesday is two lines, and Thursday is blackout) turn in the card at the SQLServerPdia booth.  Each day there will be two winners drawn and emailed.

Now how do you find the right people in very large Seattle convention center?  Luck, and Twitter is how.  Keep an eye on the #sqlbingo hash tag throughout the summit as many of the people who are squares will be posting using that tag so that people know where to find them (myself included).

Have fun, see you at PASS.  Don’t forget to ask for my code word.


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2 responses to “This isn’t your grand-mothers bingo game (#sqlbingo)”

  1. Robboek says:

    I had to refresh 25 times, but I finally got a card without brento on it. 🙂

  2. mrdenny says:

    Yeah, that’s common. There are only like 35 or so people and 25 squares, so there’s a lot of overlap.


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