Speaking at the Performance Virtual Chapter in October

So on October 5th at noon eastern (9am Pacific) I’ll be giving a presentation on getting better performance from your storage solution to the SQL PASS Performance Virtual Chapter.  The Live Meeting info isn’t up on the site yet, but I’ll send something out when I get than info as well.  Until then, save the date.

Like the session that I’m doing in September for the Virtualization VC this will be a bit of a teaser for the pre-con that I’ll be doing up at the summit in November.  I’ll see you on the 5th.



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  1. Excellent presentation. I have a questions as a result of my poor listening skills.
    – You mentioned pass through disks were not supported when clustering VMs? I am using VMWare vSphere 4.1

  2. Correct, you can’t use RAW device mappings when creating a cluster under VMware. This is because VMware will mount the disks within the guest OSs as SCSI2 disks, and Windows Server 2008 doesn’t support creating a cluster using SCSI2 disks. To create a Windows cluster under VMware or Hyper-V you have to use iSCSI to present the storage to the guest OSs.

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