Push vs. pull: Configuring SQL Server replication

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2 responses to “Push vs. pull: Configuring SQL Server replication”

  1. Tjedwin says:

    Hello Mr.Denny,

    I have setup a central subscriber replication topology over WAN in non-trausted environment.
     SQL Server 2000 (Publishers)
     SQL Server 2008 SP1 (A remote Distributor)
     SQL Server 2008 SP1 ( A Central Subscriber)

    I read your article on Push vs Pull configuring SQL Server replication and I have some questions on tricks to setup a initial snapshot.

    Can you please explain in detail steps?

    Many thanks for your kind help.

  2. Mrdenny says:

    The basic idea is to setup the snapshot to export to a local path on the distributor, then copy the files to the same path on the subscriber. Then start the merge agent on the subscriber so that the files are grabbed from the local path on the subscriber and imported into the system.

    To do this when you configure the publication point to a local path. This path must exist on both the distributor and the subscriber. After the snapshot agent has finished, copy the snapshot files to the subscriber. You may find it faster to compress the files, then copy them across.

    Once the files are in place, start the distribution agent on the subscriber. If you are setup for push replication then stop the agent on the distributor. Edit the SQL Agent job which runs the distribution agent on the subscriber. Edit step 2 and copy the parameters. Open a command prompt on the subscriber and navitage to the COM folder under the SQL Server folder (c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100COM by default) and run distrib.exe and paste in the parameters you copied from the distributor. Press enter and the distribution agent will begin running. After it has finished loading the snapshot and has begun processing normal replication processes you can stop the agent by pressing Control C and start the agent up normally.


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