My Thoughts on PASS Virtual Summit – An Editorial

On June 3rd PASS announced their annual Summit for Data Professional was moved to a virtual format. This is not surprising to those of us in the SQL Server community. Many events are moving to a virtual platform as well as being able to offer at no costs all attendees. PASS though, is a different kind of “company” for lack of a better word. We are a community of people that built this “company” from the ground up. Due to normal day to day commitments, like jobs, most of us do not have time to run the day to day… Continue Reading

Being a Woman in the SQL Community

In celebration of Women’s History Month starting next week, I was asked to write this blog about my experiences as a woman in the SQL Community, and it really got me thinking. At first, I thought I should be very politically correct and only talk about the great stuff and hype up all wonderful experiences I’ve had but then I thought that wouldn’t give a true picture. So, I am writing this as openly and honestly as I can. Here it goes. The Ugly I am going to start with the negatives to get those out of the way and… Continue Reading

Invest in Yourself Stop Making Excuses

Bob Pusateri (B|T) tweeted a quote image that really struck a chord with me and elicited a strong reaction from myself. It got me thinking I need to write a blog on this, so here we go. Many times, over the years I’ve had conversations with people in which they have said things like below. “I can’t learn anything new because my work won’t send me to training” “I can’t learn about xyz because my boss or coworkers won’t sit down with me to show me how” “I don’t have time to learn anything new” “We’ll never go to the cloud,… Continue Reading

Join me for a PASS Summit Pre-Con

I am very excited to announce I will be delivering a pre-conference session on SQL Server Performance Tuning on November 5th at PASS Summit 2019. If you have ever attended one of my sessions, you know how passionate I am about this particular topic. So, you also know how very excited I am to have this opportunity to spend a full day talking about SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization. Performance Tuning is one of my favorite things to do with SQL Server. There is nothing like seeing performance improvements in an environment as your reward for your hard work.… Continue reading

SQL PASS Booth Prize Winner

At the SQL PASS Summit this year we had the privilege of being the co-sponsors of the Consultants Corner booth. As part of our sponsorship we opted to give away a $1000 Amazon Gift card. The winner of this years prize is…. Kerry Tyler So congrats to Kerry, and thank you to everyone who came […]