Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting Becomes a Microsoft Silver Partner Again

Published On: 2015-06-05By:

I’m pleased to be able to announce that Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting has become a Microsoft Silver Partner for Cloud Platform (also known as Azure). This is an important milestone for DC&AC because it shows that Microsoft puts trust in us as a company, and that Microsoft has vetted us through our projects which we have completed for our clients.

This also means that we can do something that we haven’t been able to do before for our clients until now, we can assist those doing migrations to Azure in getting funding from Microsoft to assist with their migrations to the Azure platform.

You’ll see that Microsoft Partner logo that we’ve earned displayed proudly on our website, and we hope that you’ll let us help you with your Cloud Platform needs.

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Now Is The Time To Review Disaster Recovery Plans

Published On: 2014-05-16By:

As we watch the fires which are raging in the San Diego area we should be reminded that now is the time to review our disaster recovery plans. Even if your home or company isn’t located in the San Diego area, the speed at which these fires came up and are spreading through the area should remind us that we should have backup plans for running anything critical in our lives, both our work and our personal lives.

As I sit here in the Houston Airport coming home from TechEd North America the news is my primary source of information about the destruction which is happen around my own home. Thankfully in our case we’ve already got the pets out at a friend’s house, several changes of clothing with us, and our laptops with us. Our data is all backed up to the cloud and is accessible if needed. Not all companies are so lucky. Some of my clients have offices located within the evacuation zone for the current fires and I know what their disaster recovery plans currently look like for the systems in those offices. Some have full disaster recovery plans, while some don’t. Hopefully this will show those companies that do not have disaster recovery plans that it is time to change that policy.

Just because a system isn’t a customer facing system doesn’t mean that it isn’t a critical system. An example would be your email servers. If your internal Exchange system goes offline for several days, how much of a problem is this? Can your remote users continue to work and function without email? Can your company keep ordering supplies at other offices or continue to pay vendors if the finance system isn’t available? I’m guessing that the answer to these questions is “a big one”, “no” and “no”.

Every system that a company has to run its day to day business is a critical system to someone within the company and keeping those systems up and running when the office isn’t available for days at a time is critical to keeping the business running smoothly.

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SQL PASS Booth Prize Winner

Published On: 2013-10-21By:

At the SQL PASS Summit this year we had the privilege of being the co-sponsors of the Consultants Corner booth. As part of our sponsorship we opted to give away a $1000 Amazon Gift card. The winner of this years prize is….

Kerry Tyler Kerry Tyler

So congrats to Kerry, and thank you to everyone who came buy the booth and got scanned and entered into our drawing.



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Denny Cherry is an EMC Elect Award Winner for 2013

Published On: 2013-01-14By:

We are pleased to announce that Denny Cherry is adding another IT award to his collection.  EMC has created an award program which is designed to reward members of the community who are influential and knowledgeable about EMC’s products, specifically those who share this knowledge with others.  This award from EMC is called the “EMC Elect” award.  For those who are familiar with Microsoft’s MVP award or VMware’s vExpert award (both of which Denny currently holds), this program is very similar to that.  Much like the other awards the EMC Elect award is an annual award which will be awarded annually to those who deserve it.

Denny has informed EMC and he’s happy to tell you as well that he’s accepted this award for the coming year.


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