New INSERT syntax in SQL Server 2008

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One of the very cool new feature which SQL Server 2008 gives us is an change to the INSERT statement.  Now you can specify multiple rows to insert into a table from a single insert command.

The syntax is:
CREATE TABLE TableName (Column1 INT, Column2 VARCHAR(10))
(Column1, Column2)
(1, 'test1'), (2, 'test2'), (3, 'test4')

I see this as being a very handy especially when doing an initial data load into a table as you can now load lots of data without having to run a lot of seperate insert statements.


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One response to “New INSERT syntax in SQL Server 2008”

  1. Jan.novak says:

    Hi Denny and all.

    It is good to hear, that this option is also available in SQL server 2008.

    I am not expert, but I think this syntax will cause overhead if you insert many records. Maybe is better choice:
    (col1, col2,…)
    SELECT …
    FROM …
    SELECT …
    FROM …


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