System Migrations

Are you planning on moving your systems to another facility?

Whether you’re contemplating:

  • Migrating from physical servers onto a virtual platform
  • Cloud Migration
  • Another data center move

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting can help you assess, plan and make the shift.

Is This the Right Move for You?

There are a variety of hosting options available to companies, so when you’re looking to make a shift, it’s a great idea to get an independent assessment of your options from experts who routinely work with ALL the options.

Saving Money, Minimizing Downtime

If you are thinking about moving, or just want to see if moving is something that you should examine, contact us and let’s discuss your options.

We’ll make sure that your business:

  • Opts for a solution that works for you tomorrow, as well as today
  • Enjoys a seamless migration of your Windows Servers, Microsoft SQL Servers, VMware or Hyper-V hosts, as well as your Storage
  • Is cost-effective.

As a vendor neutral consultant, our goal is to complete a successful migration NOT to guide you towards any single hosting provider.

Trust DCAC with your data

Your data systems may be treading water today, but are they prepared for the next phase of your business growth?