Health Checks

When Was Your System’s Last Physical?

Health checks are the bloodwork and reflexes of your system: we can catch configuration errors, oversubscriptions, etc. before they become a threat to your entire environment. And as always, here at DCAC we work cross-platform, so we conduct a variety of health checks other consulting firms don’t.

We offer a variety of health checks including:

SQL Server Health Check

  • Review columns for Personal Identifiable Information and identify ways to secure PII while maintaining application functionality
  • Review Patch Levels
  • Review Current Connectivity Options
  • Review SQL Server permissions and application permissions
  • Document all issues so your DBA staff can correct the issues.
  • Review performance issues, and recommend remedation for identified issues.

Not sure you have the internal resources to correct problems? We can also implement the solutions.

Pricing is fixed at $3,499 per SQL Server Instance analyzed. Contact us today to schedule your SQL Server security Health Check.
Learn More about our Health Check services.

vSphere / Hyper-V Health Check

Checking the vitality of your virtualization systems is critical to protecting your entire environment. We can do a health check of your system to analyze:

  • The overall performance of the environment
  • Real-time metrics as well as historical data captured by vCenter or SCVMM
  • Review CPU/memory/disk metrics for high load or oversubscription
  • Ensure your system maintains high availability in the event of a host failure.

All health check work is done remotely, at a time convenient to you.

Service requires a couple of hours of time being connected to the host machine, after which, we take the data offline and analyze it. Our detailed report will be delivered to you, so you can make decisions how to proceed.

Pricing for the vSphere / Hyper-V Health Check is fixed at $399 per host computer (the machines which host the virtual machines).

To schedule your vSphere / Hyper-V Health Check please contact us.

Storage Array Health Check

Aging data storage can mire your platform. If you’re still waiting on a “rainy day” to do this, consider contacting us instead. Our storage health check includes:

  • Checking metrics of your storage array platform
  • Checking the SAN fabric to ensure that it is setup as per best practices
  • A comprehensive report of all identified issues handed off to you, the client, so your staff can correct issues.

Performing a comprehensive health check requires that your storage array has included performance monitoring tools provided by your storage array vendor. The metrics monitored during the health check will depend on the storage array used.

Pricing for the Storage Array Health Check is fixed at $599 per storage array. To schedule your Storage Array Health Check please contact us.


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