Critical Alerts Monitoring

Every system is vulnerable

The longer problems go uncorrected, the more at risk your company is. That’s why over 70 conditions will trigger alerts in our Critical Alerts Monitoring managed service including:

  • An Active Directory domain controller is not replicating data to other domain controllers.
  • Active Directory replication failures.
  • Incorrectly set auditing settings
  • Misconfigured SQL Server database shrink settings
  • File system errors
  • SQL Server Database Corruption Settings not set correctly
  • SQL Server Databases not being backed up
  • SQL Server Database corruption errors

Save Money On IT Resources

Cheaper than multiple visits from a health check consultant or a dedicated IT resource, we provide this service for companies that range from small business to enterprise.

Installation Made Easy

We install a light-weight software package on your identified servers, while we sit down with you and inventory possible challenges and appropriate protocols that meet your needs.

The software reports on the general health of your server daily to us. This provides you with an ongoing configuration assessment which allows for minimal exposure after important updates are released. We also monitor for human error type problems that violate best practices.

Updates to the Critical Alerts package are included!

Alerts Rather Than Alarms

When errors appear, we review, diagnose it and act in accordance with your customized, pre-established protocol. We can even begin resolving the issue as part of a prearranged consulting service statement of work.

Can be used to monitor servers in your environment which are running Windows Server 2008 or higher and optionally have SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2 installed on them.

Rates for the Critical Alerts service are $199 to provision, setup and configure the monitoring service which includes one month of monitoring for that machine. After that monitoring of each server is only $99 per month. If you have several machines which need to be monitored, be sure to ask about the multi-server discount.

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Trust DCAC with your data

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