Cloud Migration

Know Your Options

Which cloud providers best fit your cloud needs in terms of budget, compatibility with your environment and internal resources? What are the pitfalls of each in terms of migration, failover, and failback?

How are you supposed to know, unless you’ve done this many times?

Cloudy With a Chance of Savings

Read how one client saves 15% a year with our Cloud Migration solution.

For a seamless and budget-conscious migration, strategize and launch with DCAC at your side. We have expertise in:

  • Multiple cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, VMware vCloud, RackSpace)
  • The cloud stack as well as database components
  • Certified expertise in VMware and Hyper-V

Save on your transition, resources, even the cost of your cloud licensing.

Experts with the Experience to Meet Your Challenges

Whether you’re looking to stretch your environment across multiple nodes within a single cloud provider, or across multiple cloud providers, we’ve done that. We’ve worked with clients that have thousands of Azure SQL databases, and some with multiple terabytes of data.

We’ve helped everyone from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies to inventory, plan and launch their migration.

Contact us today, and get ready for cloud nine tomorrow.

“Denny is an exceptional worker and resource. He has never walked away from or been overwhelmed by any issue. If there is an issue or design concern, Denny is the first person I will collaborate with.

Denny has gained the trust of the Systems Engineering group and has often crossed departmental lines to assist as needed.”

– Dan Forsyth, Principal Storage Infrastructure Optimization Architect at IBM

Questions about Migration to Azure? Download our FAQ!

Trust DCAC with your data

Your data systems may be treading water today, but are they prepared for the next phase of your business growth?