Modern Data Warehouse

Whether you are looking to move your existing data warehouse to Azure or build a new data warehouse that is more scalable and easier to monitor and maintain, we can help you achieve your goals. A modern data warehouse serves as the hub for all of your data – structured, semi-structured, or streaming – that drives analytics quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you take advantage of modern data integration tools to move and transform your data and to manage your data lifecycle.

Modern Data Warehouse services include:

  • Evaluating technology fit of Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL Database, or SQL Server on a virtual machine
  • Designing and creating effective data models
  • Creating efficient data integration and transformation workloads
  • Optimizing data integration development through templates and automation
  • Implementing data security to meet policies and standards
  • Creating data retention and archive processes
  • Performing a data warehouse health check

“We now have the flexibility to scale, expand, and consolidate all of our operations and be flexible as we take on new projects, new datasets, and better our serve customers on a modern platform capable of enrolling a lot of the Azure functionality.”

– Richard Sawicky, Chief Data Officer, ATTOM Data

“Our marketing department is planning on using DCAC’s customized reporting solution as a big feature in our service, one that sets us apart from our competitors.”

– Luis Ventura, VP of Technology & Development, LCP Tracker

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