Modern Data Platform

A relational database may not be able to meet all your analytics needs. Let us give you the ability to work with data of various sizes, velocities, and types.

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We’ll use our experience and expertise to advise you on the right Azure services and architecture to drive insights from your data in a modern data platform. Whether you need an analytics sandbox for data scientists or a robust ETL process that handles schema drift and supports scalability and re-startability, we would love to help you build a solution.

Modern Data Platform services include:

  • Azure architecture design
  • Relational database design and implementation
  • Data Lake design and implementation
  • Batch data processing (ETL/ELT) design and implementation
  • Streaming data processing design and implementation
  • Data security design and implementation
  • Data retention and archive process design and implementation
  • Power BI and reporting design and implementation
  • Data preparation for advanced analytics

“Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting really looks at my whole business. They always keep the customers’ interest in mind, and they are always looking for ways to make things run easier, faster and with lower costs. I really love that. He cares about us.”

– Luis Ventura, VP of Technology & Development, LCP Tracker

With so many Azure services, don’t take the chance that you’ll choose the wrong ones for your business needs based upon buzzwords. Contact us today.

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Your data systems may be treading water today, but are they prepared for the next phase of your business growth?