Transitioning from Personal Trainer to Working in IT

In my previous blog post, I went over a little about my journey and how I ended up working for Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting (DCAC). For this post, I wanted to share with you all my experience with transitioning from working at a physical therapist clinic/being a personal trainer to working from home in IT.

When I started working for DCAC, it came at a transitional period in my life. I was getting married, moving to Los Angeles, and starting a new job. My life was going through many changes, and I was excited to embark on this new chapter in my life. One thing that stood out to me was the immediate amount of support that I received once I decided to work in this field. Everyone at DCAC has welcomed me with open arms and the SQL family on twitter has been nothing but supportive.  Everyone has been quick to assist me with questions and taken the time to patiently explain things clearly for me. I was slightly apprehensive about working remotely because I was used to working in a more social environment. I feared that I would feel isolated, but I love that there is a real sense of community online. I think one of the obvious challenges that I had from this transition was learning completely different material than what I was used to. I went from studying anatomy and physiology to SQL and databases. It has been a humble experience starting all over in a different field. I have always enjoyed learning so learning SQL has been an intriguing process. With the help of my colleagues, I have been able to learn on a consistent basis. John and Kerry work with me one on one and assign tasks for me to do so that I stay busy and on track.

I think the most difficult hurdle that I have dealt with from this whole experience is creating a routine and building on good habits. When I was living in San Diego, I would leave my house at 6 AM to surf and would stay out working my two jobs and wouldn’t come home sometimes until 10 PM. Although it was exhausting at times, I loved being on the constant move. Now that I am home for most of the day, I first found this transition to be the most challenging. I was not used to being at home, let alone sitting for most of my day.  My solution to this dilemma was creating an early morning routine that would suffice my energy levels and simultaneously boost my productivity. I currently start my day off with a cold shower, morning yoga, coffee, cleaning my living space and listening to a podcast while I organize for my day ahead. I also have started to put on busy office background noise while I work to make me feel as though I am working in an office/coffee shop. My morning routine is a ton of trial and error and is constantly changing. What are some of your morning routines? Any bad habits that were difficult to overcome? Looking forward to hearing some of your responses. Thanks for reading!


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