Six Reasons to buy Microsoft Cloud Services via DCAC

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Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting joined the Microsoft CSP program years ago as a Microsoft Indirect Reseller. Since we have been selling Microsoft Cloud solutions our customers have realized several major benefits by purchasing their cloud products through DCAC instead of purchasing them directly from Microsoft.

What is the CSP Program?

CSP stands for Cloud Solution Provider, and the CSP program enables partners like DCAC to sell Microsoft’s cloud services to its customers. However, it is more than a licensing program. The CSP model is designed for the partner to add value to its customers’ cloud experience via advice, support, and billing flexibility. With this program, a customer effectively buys the Azure consumption via the partner, rather than directly from Microsoft.

CSP Customer Benefits

  1. Pay for only what you use

One of the biggest benefits that customers see from buying their Azure and Power BI solutions from DCAC is that they have a huge amount of flexibility in what solutions they choose and how long they need to have those solutions. Because there is no lock-in as services can be scaled up and down at needed to match their business needs.

2. Monthly usage-based billing

When using Pay As You Go subscriptions, Microsoft has you enter a credit card that gets charged monthly. We don’t have that same requirement. Instead of using a credit card for charges, DCAC sends an invoice for the prior months Azure usage (the invoice is sent around the 8th of the month). This allows clients to pay by ACH, Wire Transfer or Check; whatever the normal payment process that the customer has. If you wish to pay by credit card, we do have methods to handle secure credit card transactions, however, they will be initiated by you the customer, not automatically by use. So you’ll always know how much we are invoicing before the charge happen.

3. Support through DCAC

When your Azure and Power BI consumption is handled through DCAC, the award winning team at DCAC handles your front line Azure support. As over 80% of our consultants are Microsoft MVPs we have developed extremely close relationships with the Engineering teams at Microsoft. DCAC will triage reported Azure issues, often resolving them in a fraction of the time as other providers or even Microsoft CSS. Issues that must be addressed by Microsoft are referred to them without delay.

4. Service Level Agreements

By procuring through a Microsoft CSP, you will be gaining access to Microsoft’s strong service level agreement which defines the crucial aspects of the service like responsibility, quality, and availability between the service provider and the customer.

5. Licensing Support

By having one partner looking after all of your cloud licensing needs, DCAC is able to find avenues for savings that might not otherwise be found. While it seems counter-intuitive, the team at DCAC is more concerned with finding ways to lower your cloud spend, than selling you more cloud solutions.

6. Can I use all the Azure Services?

Yes. When purchasing Azure or Power BI through a CSP instead of directly through Microsoft all of the cloud features are the same. As a customer you get the same availability and features no matter who the reseller is.

Questions From Customers

Some questions have come up over time, so we’ve put those here.

  • Who has admin control of our cloud environment?
    • You maintain ownership and full control of your cloud platform.
  • Can I migrate my existing cloud services to Azure?
    • For the most part, yes. There are a few things that can’t be moved out like backup faults, and some extensions for VMs. But over 90% of Azure resources can be easily moved from the existing subscription to an Azure CSP Subscription; without any downtime. The same applies to Power BI, as new licenses are provisioned for Power BI and the old licenses are simply allowed to expire allowing for no downtime to be experienced by the users.
  • Am I invoiced by Microsoft or by DCAC?
    • The first month that you use DCAC as your CSP, Microsoft will bill your credit card and DCAC will invoice you. Microsoft will be billing for the portion of the month that billing was going direct, and DCAC will invoice you for our portion of the month. After that one month, all the invoices will come from DCAC.
  • Can I see the billing data online?
    • Yes. The billing data won’t be visible in the Azure portal, but we have a portal that we can provide you access to so that you can see your billing data.
  • Are we locked into using DCAC as our CSP provider?
    • Not at all. We would hope that we are able to provide you the services that you are expecting to receive, and if we aren’t we hope that you’ll tell us so that we can resolve those issues. If you choose another CSP provider, you can simply move the Azure resources to that provider.
  • Are there contracts to sign?
    • Yes, there is a contract to sign from Microsoft which states what their responsibilities are. Every CSP has the same agreement from Microsoft, and all CSPs will require that this document be signed. In addition, we have a basic contract to sign that simply covers the duration of time to pay invoices, an NDA, etc.
  • How does the billing for CSP Work?
    • The invoices for your Azure usage will come from DCAC, not from Microsoft. If you are already using Azure and are your going to transition from an existing subscription to a CSP subscription, that can be odd-looking and we’ve got a separate blog post on that topic as it can be a lengthy discussion.

How Do I Start?

The easiest way is to contact us, and we can get the process started quickly. Once we hear from you we can get the contracts sent over. Once they are all signed we can typically have your new CSP based cloud environment up and running that same day, or the next business day at the latest.


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Cannot find Web Space

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Recently one of our customers had an issue deploying a second Web App to Azure, when that second web app was being deployed to a different region that the first web app within the resource group. The problem only came up within this one resource group. If a different resource group was used, there was no issue. If a different region was used within that same resource group was used, there was no problem. But when trying to deploy a web app within the existing resource group to the US East region, an error was thrown.

The full error message that was thrown was, “The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state ‘Failed’. Cannot find Web space {Name} for subscription {Sub Id}.” Where {Name} was the name of the resource group, and {Sub Id} is the Subscription Id.

Now to make this more interesting, a web space isn’t an Azure resource that you create, and this problem isn’t documented all that well online. I’m not all that sure what a web space is, other than some back end component that’s created automatically for web apps when the first web app is created within a resource group. And there doesn’t appear to be any way to force it to recreate.

The Solution

So how to fix it. The short answer is open a support ticket with Microsoft as that will be needed to resolve the issue. You’ll probably have to do some troubleshooting with the CSS person which will end up being fruitless, but won’t cause any downtime to the web resources.

I reached out to an Azure Product Group member, and they were able to look into it for me. It took a few days of researching to figure out where the problem was, and that a member of the Azure development team would need to manually mitigate the issue that we were having.

After the problem was identified, they had me create a CSS ticket and then have that ticket escalated to development (development couldn’t fix the issue without an open case to log their time and access to production against). Once that was done, it was resolved the next morning when I got up.

What Actually Happened

I’m guessing what was happened was that back when the web app that’s in the resource group was deployed, there was an error on the back end that caused some back end resource to not be created. Because this was in another region, this wasn’t an issue, but it was when we went to deploy within the region that had the error (which we didn’t see when we did the origional deployment).

Fixing This For Free

If you are deploying Cloud Services and having problems, we would love to be able to assist you. We were able to assist our customer with this problem for no charge to them, as this problem was clearly an issue with the Azure platform itself and as this customer was set up as a CSP customer and we were providing their Azure support. As we have a team of Microsoft MVPs we were able to work directly with the product team, find the problem, and resolve it for them at no additional cost to the customer. If you’d like to learn more about signing up as a CSP customer of ours, contact our team for more information.


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Double Hitter: DCAC Makes a Second Appearance on Inc. 5000 List

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For the 2nd Time, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting Appears on the Inc. 5000, Ranking No. 2819 With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 141 Percent

NEW YORK, August 12, 2020 – Today, Inc. magazine announced that Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting [DCAC] is once again named to the Inc. 5000 List, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

The boutique cloud solutions and database experts at DCAC attributed their #2819 ranking and explosive 141% three-year increase in revenue to high demand for their skills in contractual services, including database administration, cloud monitoring, and performance tuning. The contractual services ensure optimized production while helping clients keep costs down.

CEO Denny Cherry commented, “We have so many to thank for DCAC’s growth. But it all starts with the great team of experts we have here at DCAC. Becoming an expert in anything requires not only aptitude, talent, and dedication, but a commitment to self-discipline, lifelong learning, and professionalism. Every member of our team brings that to the table, every day, and I thank them for turning DCAC into the IT brand it is today.

Our clients recognize that in all our team members as well. That’s why so many end up contracting with us on an ongoing basis: due to our skill level, we can get a lot more accomplished in less time and it’s done right the first time. Simultaneously, our team goes the extra mile, ensuring each client’s IT environment is always updated, secure, and optimized for performance. We appreciate our clients’ trust in us, so we thank them, as well as Inc. Magazine, for this honor.”

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at

The annual Inc. 5000 event honoring the companies on the list will be held virtually from October 23 to 27, 2020. As always, speakers will include some of the greatest innovators and business leaders of our generation.

Media inquiries about this release should be directed to publicist Kathleen Hannon (704) 425-8106 or

About Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

Award-winning Microsoft Partner and Gold Platform certified Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting assists companies with reliably attaining IT goals such as Azure Migration, HA, scalability, SQL Server virtualization and acceleration, while finding ways to save on IT costs. With clients ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to small businesses, their commitment to each is the same: to provide a deft, high-speed IT environment that maximizes every aspect of their platform: from architecture, to infrastructure, to network.

More about Inc. and the Inc. 5000


The 2020 Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth when comparing 2016 and 2019. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2016. They had to be U.S.-based, privately held, for profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2019. (Since then, a number of companies on the list have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2016 is $100,000; the minimum for 2019 is $2 million. As always, Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Companies on the Inc. 500 are featured in Inc.’s September issue. They represent the top tier of the Inc. 5000, which can be found at

About Inc. Media

The world’s most trusted business-media brand, Inc. offers entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, connections, and community to build great companies. Its award-winning multiplatform content reaches more than 50 million people each month across a variety of channels including websites, newsletters, social media, podcasts, and print. Its prestigious Inc. 5000 list, produced every year since 1982, analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. The global recognition that comes with inclusion in the 5000 gives the founders of the best businesses an opportunity to engage with an exclusive community of their peers, and the credibility that helps them drive sales and recruit talent. The associated Inc. 5000 Conference is part of a highly acclaimed portfolio of bespoke events produced by Inc. For more information, visit

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Reducing Cost and Complexity While Increasing Customer Satisfaction by Moving to Azure

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On September 15th, 2020 at 10pm Pacific Time / 1pm Eastern / 5pm GMT Denny will be presenting a webcast with Microsoft Reducing Cost and Complexity While Increasing Customer Satisfaction by Moving to Azure.

Server computers in a server rack
Server computers in a server rack

In this session we will explore some of the techniques that Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting has used in the past to successfully migrate customers to Azure.  We’ll look Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as well as Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions that our customers have used to successfully move to Azure, reduce their costs and increase customer usage and satisfaction with the solutions.

If you are looking at starting your cloud journey, or you have already started it and you want to ensure that you are doing your migrations to the cloud in the easiest, most cost-effective way possible, this will be for you. So head over, sign up, and we’ll see you on September 15th.


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As Microsoft MVP’s and Partners as well as VMware experts, we are summoned by companies all over the world to fine-tune and problem-solve the most difficult architecture, infrastructure and network challenges.

And sometimes we’re asked to share what we did, at events like Microsoft’s PASS Summit 2015.

Awards & Certifications

Microsoft Partner   Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting LLC BBB Business Review    Microsoft MVP    Microsoft Certified Master VMWare vExpert
INC 5000 Award for 2020    American Business Awards People's Choice    American Business Awards Gold Award    American Business Awards Silver Award    FT Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2020   
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