Time Sheets

When Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting planned on bring on our first consultant as an employee we started looking around for a easy to use, inexpensive time sheet style application. We couldn’t find one. Everything that we found was expensive, required SharePoint and usually was billed by the user that was using it. Needless to say, the costs were going to add up very quickly. And for a small startup consulting company they would be very cost prohibitive very quickly.

So we made our own time sheet application, and built it on WordPress as that’s what our website was running on, so it made it really easy to implement and move from our development environment to our production environment.

We’ve decided to release the system free of charge to all who’d like to use it. You can search for it in the WordPress plugin gallery (it’s called “time-sheets” or “Time Sheets“) and install it that way on your WordPress installation. We use it in conjunction with Azure Active Directory using the AAD plugin that you can get from GitHub.

The system is pretty straight forward to configure. It supports a basic workflow of employees submitting timesheets to their supervisor, who then approves or denies the time sheet. Once approved the time sheets go over to the accounts receivable queue (we call it the Invoicing Queue) so that the customer can be invoiced. From there if needed it goes to the payroll queue so that expenses can be paid back to the employee. There’s even a setting for making all invoices that someone submits go to the invoicing queue in case you have hourly employees that you need to handle.

When clients are entered into the system, there is security setup on the clients so that only employees who are working with those clients can see them in their drop down. This makes the drop down smaller for employees and keeps any third party contractors that are working for you from seeing your entire client list.

The system is configured to allow for retainer projects that get billed automatically and it drops in reminder time sheets to the invoicing queue so that those invoices are invoiced at the beginning of each month. Reminders are also sent to employees automatically if they have overdue time sheets or if they are working on retainers and they need to get their time sheets in at the end of the month.

If you need assistance with the plugin please use the WordPress forum for this plugin to track issues and any feature requests.


While this plugin is free if you’d like to make a donation to support the continued development of this plugin it would be fantastic.

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