Split Files

For Your Azure SQL DW Load

In order to get the fastest possible performance from an Azure SQL DW data warehouse load from text files, you want to deliver 60 files which are as close as possible to each other in size Azure SQL DW system. SplitFiles will do this for you, allowing you to have 60 evenly sized files without having to completely rewrite your ETL processes.

Simply export to a single large text file, and run this command line tool to process through the file to split it into multiple sized files. Then import these files into Azure as you normally would.

The application supports five parameters.

  • Help: Get the list of available parameters
  • SourceFile: The file you want to split
  • DestinationDir: The folder to write the files to
  • CleanDir: Delete all files in the folder before processing the Source File
  • NumberOfFiles: How many smaller files you want to split the large file into


Free & Easy to Use

There is no installer for the software and it’s absolutely free. Simply drop the EXE into your PATH, or put it in whatever folder you want (.NET Framework 4.5 is required to be installed on the server).

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