Azure Migration Slashes Costs and Boosts Efficiency

When an individual files for bankruptcy under Chapter 13, the courts appoint an impartial party, called a trustee, to investigate the case and help that person throughout the process. Bankruptcy Trustees are usually, but not always attorneys. The US Department of Justice oversees roughly 170 Chapter 13 Trustees around the country under the Office of the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee.
Mark Bonney is one of those Chapter 13 Trustees who works in the Eastern District of Oklahoma and has been guiding people through their Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings since he opened his office in 1989. He essentially runs a small business where he serves as the liaison between the debtor and creditors, accessing data and supplying it to national creditors, disbursing roughly half a million dollars a month, and acting as his own IT administrator.

Read more about how DCAC was able to help the Chapter 13 Trustee of the Eastern District of Oklahoma increase their efficiency and decrease their IT costs by downloading the case study below.



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