Organizational Analytics During High-Stress Situations

Workplaces have been making changes to allow more employees to work from home, but many employees and managers are still figuring out how to adjust their communication and management styles. Adjusting to these work changes on top of managing schedule and family changes due to the coronavirus outbreak can be stressful. 

Join us to learn some tips on how to use data to make remote work with adjusted schedules easier for everyone in your organization.  We’ll discuss easy and helpful metrics you can collect for managers, productivity measurement and unintended consequences, and designing data visualizations for clear communication in stressful situations. These concepts will be helpful long after the current situation has passed and will enable you to work confidently in many situations when you can’t communicate in person.

As we are doing a joint session with SentryOne, and we are using the SentryOne system for broadcasting the session, we are using the SentryOne signup form and there are two different times that we will be doing the webcast. So click over to the signup form, get signed up, and register for the webcast.


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