Stupid Things That Probably Cost a Fortune

I was bored the other day while I was waiting for something on a client’s server to run, and I noticed the browser icon that Azure Bastion was changing and I did things in the browser. The image is a little hard to see but in the back I have the Windows Server Manager in the background and the blue box is a PowerShell window that I opened.

To prove here’s the same tab, but I minimized the Windows Server Explorer window so all that’s there is the PowerShell window on the black background that Windows give you.

When I made this discovery, I of course immediately put it in Microsoft Teams with the rest of the DCAC team, and we started talking about how much it must have cost to develop something that is 80 pixels across. And I figured, this sounds like something worth blogging about, because “why not”. So that’s the first installment in our periodic posts of things that cost stupid amount of money, that odds are no one notices.



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