Top 5 Tips to Keep Data and Applications Available

In today’s world of applications, we don’t want to think of application availability, but we need to. Join the Americas broadcast at 11am Eastern Time on April 22nd, 2020 or the EMEA broadcast at 11am Central European Time on April 23rd, 2020.

In this webinar by Denny Cherry & Kevin Kline we’ll look at the various ways that both data and applications can be brought from the world of single server availability to a highly available deployment model. While specific parts of an application, such as the database, are highly available; the entire application stack needs to be highly available as if any one piece of the application goes offline, and the entire application will be unusable for the customer.

The goal with availability isn’t to keep one part of the application running, it’s to keep the entire application up and running. And we’re going to help you design for this.

As we are doing a joint session with SentryOne, and we are using the SentryOne system for broadcasting the session, we are using the SentryOne signup form and there are two different times that we will be doing the webcast. Once for the Americas and once for EMEA, so there’s one more click to get to the signup form. So click over to either the Americas sign up form or the EMEA sign up form, get signed up and watch the webcast.


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