On November 15th, 2019 Meagan Longoria and Kerry Tyler presented their webcast “Is it time for an SSIS checkup?”.

Database health checks are a familiar concept to many people. We check database and server settings, ensure security is appropriately implemented, and validate HADR plans to meet business needs. But do you ever assess the health of your SSIS projects? Do you know what things you should look for? Join us as we talk through what we think should be included in a data integration health check specific to SSIS, whether you run SSIS on your own machine or as an Integration Runtime within Data Factory.

We’ll discuss server configurations such as memory allocation and Kerberos, development processes and source control, and creating and populating non-production environments. Next, we’ll show you some design patterns and anti-patterns that can affect the quality and speed of your data integration processes. Then we’ll talk about appropriate settings and use of the SSIS catalog. We will also, of course, address data security and sensitivity. And we’ll finish with maintenance and support topics.

Organizations running SSIS should be able to easily answer questions such as “What is my longest-running package?”, “Who should be contacted when a package fails, and who is their backup?”, “Is the SSISDB being backed up?”, “What is our HADR plan?”, and “What are our SLAs for data being available to consumers?”.

Don’t let your SSIS environment become neglected. Learn the concepts you need to know to keep it healthy.

View the recording below.


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