Improving TweetDeck with Better TweetDeck

If you are at involved with the #sqlfamily, you are bound to hear about the benefits of social media platforms such as Twitter.  Twitter helps us to engage each other in near real time discussions on a multitude of topics, including, of course, SQL Server.   One of the tools that many folks use in conjunction with Twitter is Tweet Deck.   Tweet Deck provides several options to enhance your Twitter experience. One of the main benefits of TweetDeck is the ability to have different columns which represent different streams (or channels) of tweets.

If you have never looked at TweetDeck, Here’s what it essentially looks like:

On the left is a stream of tweets of people that I follow.  The middle stream are tweets in which people are either replying to me or liking one of my tweets.  The third stream is the #sqlhelp hash tag.  I like to help out the community, so I watch this particular hash tag to try to answer questions about SQL Server whenever possible.

One of the tools I use to tweet, is Better TweetDeck.  This is an add-on tool for browsers that allow you to do a couple of things that the native Tweetdeck

doesn’t have baked in yet.  Things like:

  • Edit a previously sent tweet to fix typos.  No more deleting and retweeting it again
  • Quickly embed emoji’s and gifs
  • Easily paste images into your tweets (no more uploading)
  • Advanced muting abilities to help keep your twitter
    • including muting based off of biography content
    • or even mute if they have a default avatar

Make sure to check out their website to see all of its capabilities.

They currently support these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

If you are looking to enhance your Twitter experience and are using a supported browser, take a look at Better TweetDeck.  I’ve been using it for a while and really have had a good experience with it.  The ability to quickly add animated gifs and pictures removes the mess of having to download or save a file and then attach it to a tweet which makes me much more efficient.

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