As a consultant, my clients must be able to trust me with confidential data.  If my clients can’t trust me, then my business is gone.  I sign contracts will all of my clients, which nearly always include non-disclosure agreements.  But those NDAs simply say that I wouldn’t do something and if I do then my client’s get $X from me.

But what if these contracts don’t exist for some reason?  Maybe I’m at a conference, and someone asks me to look over their shoulder and give my opinion on an error message they receive.  Legally I can talk about anything I see, and there’s no redress that the company would have because I have no contracts with them.  However, I wouldn’t tell anyone about what I saw on your laptop screen, whether I have a contract with a company or not, because that’s the kind of person or consultant that I am.

Bringing in a consultant that has shared confidential information, even if they weren’t the one that originally saw the confidential information, would worry me a lot.  What’s to say that they wouldn’t share your confidential information?  Would your contract and/or non-disclosure agreement be enough to make sure that they don’t share your confidential information?  What would you do at that point to ensure that your confidential information stayed confidential?

Having a consultant that would share your private data, even if they don’t have a contract to protect that data, probably isn’t someone that you want to keep around as your consultant.

Something to think about.


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