News about PASS Summit and DCAC

As some of you may have heard I’m going to be doing Denny’s pre-con and regular session at PASS Summit, and unfortunately Denny will not be attending Summit. I’d like to thank Tom Larock (b|t) for stepping up to emcee Speaker Idol.

Denny was diagnosed with a mass near his brain, had it removed, and is recovering well and his prognosis is good. As you can imagine, this is unnerving for all of us, but mostly him, so we request you can keep him in your thoughts and send good vibes his way.  He’s ready to get back to work, and as soon as the doctors give him the go-ahead, and the team can’t wait to have him back.  I’m taking over leadership of the company in Denny’s absence.

If anyone would like to send get well soon messages to Denny, you can hit him up on social media, or email (we’re trying to avoid getting his normal mailbox from being bombarded with messages).

–Joey D


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