SQL PASS Summit 2015 Karaoke Party

It’s that time of year again, it’s almost time for the PASS Summit. Like the last few years I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be hosting my annual SQL Karaoke party during the PASS Summit again. SIOS Technology Group is kindly sponsoring this years party, just like last year so a hugeSIOS Logo thank you to SIOS for making this great party possible. Last year we had a sell out crowd at the party (even after increasing the number of people by getting a much larger venue) and hopefully we’ll have the same great turn out.

20141105_004201This years event will be at the same venue, Cow Girls Inc. Like last year we’ll have the live band instead of the KJ. And yes the mechanical bull will be running (we didn’t hurt anyone last year, so we’ll try again this year) so you can drink, sign and ride the bull; the perfect combination.


The party will be October 27th at 9:30pm and will run until about 1:30am Wednesday morning. Conveniently the welcome reception for the PASS Summit ends at 9pm Tuesday night so you can go straight 20141104_232201from there to the Karaoke party. The only requirements to attending is the ability to have a good time. Singing isn’t required (but someone has to do it, and it won’t be me, which is for your benefit not mine, trust me), but if after you’ve had a little courage in a glass you want to, we’ll have a great band to back you up.

Like in prior years anyone is welcome to attend, but you’ll need a wristband for the open bar if you want the free drinks. You can register for a wristband at https://www.dcac.com/go/2015-party. The wristbands are first come first served, and you’ll need to be at the bar by 11pm to pick up your wristband.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the PASS Summit and at the SQL Karaoke party on Tuesday night.  Below you’ll find some pictures from last years party.20141105_004131



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