New In-depth SQL Server Health Check

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting is now offering a second SQL Server Health Check option.  This new In-depth SQL Server Health Check is much more comprehensive then the older health check offering (now called the High Level SQL Server Heath Check).  While the High Level SQL Server Health Check checks settings and basic configuration options for the SQL Server instance to insure that the instance is configured per industry standard best practice, the In-depth Health Check goes much further than this by starting with the same configuration checks and best practices as the High Level SQL Server Health Check but then moves into a much more in depth review of the SQL Server instance.  The database sizes and possible schema problems are identified, indexes are reviewed looking for missing indexes, duplicate indexes and unused indexes.  From there we move to reviewing the wait stats which the instance is reporting as well as reviewing the SQL Queries which are being run against the SQL Server instance that are showing as problem queries.

For more information please review the SQL Server Health Check page or contact us for more information and to get your SQL Server Health Check scheduled.



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