Announcing Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

I’m happy to say that 2012 has been an amazing year for me.  This year I was able to give presentations in England, The Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, and Brazil as well as locations all over the United States.  Thankfully the consulting business has been just as good as the speaking circuit has been.  Because of this I’m making a change to my business plans.  Instead of consulting as an independent consultant I’ve formed “Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting” with myself at the helm of this new company.

There is no need to worry that services received from Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting will be any different from what my customers have received from me in the past.  In the future as the company grows only the top consultants will be asked to join the company.

With the new company name comes a new website which you’ll find at  The website is a duplicate of the site which was the website, but the homepage has been updated with the new company information.  If you are in need of consulting services you are welcome to contact me through either website.



Trust DCAC with your data

Your data systems may be treading water today, but are they prepared for the next phase of your business growth?